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      Seed Finishers

      With the increased demand for products that aid in the seed appearance and flowability, Agassiz Seed & Supply offers finishing powders, talc, graphite and talc/graphite blends to enhance seed appearance and seed flow.


      Upgrade your coating process and results with beautiful & functional PearlMaxx.

      SensiCoat PearlMaxx provides real results you can see:

      • Significant reduction of seed bridging
      • Improved seed drying at time of coating
      • Improved seed flow even after long term storage
      • Professional high luster finish = improved customer confidence
      • Little to no need for talc at planting time = 1 less input for the farmer
      • Dramatic visual improvement when checking seed planting depth in-field

      PearlMaxx is US EPA compliant and SGS tested for seed safety


      • Pixy is a powdered seed treatment designed to be applied after application of liquid seed treatment products for the purpose of improving seed flow and appearance.
      • Pixy may be applied with dry application devices designed for talc, graphite, dry inoculant, or other powdered products used for seed or grain.
      • General use rate for small round smooth seed (such as soybean): 0.20 to 0.50 ounces per 100 pounds of seed.
      • General use rate for large irregular shaped seed: 1.20 to 1.50 ounces per 100 pounds of seed.
      • Pixy should be dispensed to flowing streams of seed in a manner that allows the treatment to be distributed and coated onto the individual seed surfaces.

      80/20   Talc/Graphite Blend

      Our most popular blend is 80% Talc and 20% Graphite. Compatible with most planters and seed sizes.

      Available in 25# pails.


      • Increases planting  efficiency resulting in improved yield per acre.
      • Use in both “gravity flow”  and “air” planters.
      • Reduces moisture issues, lubricates seed and equipment.
      • Helps prevent “seed  bridging” in the planter.
      • High-purity for less meter  wear.
      • Apply ¼ cup per unit.


      Graphite is an efficient and economical lubricant for your planter’s moving parts. Recommended quantities can add significantly to your bottom line by reducing friction and wear.

      Case-IH, Kinze and White planters primarily use straight graphite in most conditions. Users of these planters have been successful using  talc & graphite.

      • Available in 25# pails.
      • Maximum savings with 50# bags.


      • Reduces friction between moving parts.
      • Extends the life of planter components.
      • Can be successfully blended with talc for less than ideal conditions.
      • Apply 1 Tablespoon – ¼ cup per unit and adjust as needed.


      You can alleviate seed delivery and metering issues while saving money with premium asbestos-free talc.

      • Available in 25# pails.
      • Maximum savings with 50# bags.

      We recommend starting with two ounces or 1/3 cup per unit and adjust from there. Up to 2 cups per unit may be required for large seeds, heavily treated seeds and large planters in humid conditions, etc.


      • Improves seed placement
      • Improves seed flow by blocking static electricity and alleviating excess humidity.
      • Reduces wear on vacuum meter components.
      • Asbestos Free.
      • Non Toxic.
      • Apply ¼ cup per unit and adjust as needed.