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      Silt Fence & Curtain

      Silt Fence

      Silt fence is available in high-flow weaves for heavy duty applications and low-flow weaves for light duty applications. It is available in various heights and lengths to meet your specifications.

      Other products include: Preassembled silt fence, safety fence and geogrid materials.

      MNDOT Category Approved Product Size Spec Sheet
      Heavy Duty & Machine Sliced Silt Fence MSF 70
      MNSF 70
      36" x 1,000'
      36" x 1,000'
      NDDOT Category Approved Product Size Spec Sheet
      Unsupported GSF - 124, 100gm - GeoTech 36" x 1,500' PDF
      Supported - Fabric GSF - 124, 100gm - GeoTech 36" x 1,500' PDF
      Supported - Wire DeAcero 832/6 32" x 330' PDF
      SDDOT Category Approved Product Size Spec Sheet
      High Flow MSF 70 36" x 1,000' PDF
      Low Flow Beltech 1935 36" x 1,500' PDF

      Floating Silt Curtain

      Floating silt curtain is a BMP designed to restrict the flow of sediment-laden storm water runoff from a construction site, to keep it contained in a limited area and allow the sediment to settle out before being carried into adjacent or joining watercourses. Agassiz Seed & Supply has floating silt curtain available for still water or moving water applications with a variety of curtain lengths to facilitate the water depth on your project.

      Material Properties Still Water or Light Duty Moving Water or Heavy Duty
      Curtain Fabric Impermeable vinyl-nylon laminate Impermeable vinyl-coated nylon
      Mass per sq. yd. 18 oz. 22 oz.
      Grab Tensile Strength 300 lbs. 500 lbs.
      Depth of Curtain 2-10 feet 2-10 feet
      Flotation 6" dia. Marine quality expanded polystyrene 8" dia. Marine quality expanded polystyrene
      Net Buoyancy per foot 13 lbs. 20 lbs.
      Top Load Carrying Components Fabric only Fabric + 5/16" galvanized steel cable 9,800 lb. min break strength
      Ballast (min.) 1/4" galvanized chain 5/16" galvanized chain
      Connections Between Sections Laced grommets Aluminum collar reinforced quick disconnects
      Product MN-ND DOT – Type I MN-ND DOT – Type II