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      Hydraulic Tackifiers & Additives


      Hydraulic additives allow you to fine tune your project. Whether it’s for tacking straw, seed or mulch, we have the products you need. Additional benefits are increasing holding capacity, longevity, moisture retention and beneficial nutrients or bacteria.

      Product Active Ingredient Uses Application Rate Longevity
      HF5000 Tack Organic polysaccharide Tackifier for seed or straw/hay
      Soil stabilization
      Dust control
      30-220 lbs./acre 12-18 months
      EnviroPam (granular) Anionic linear polyacrylamide
      Tackifier for seed or straw/hay
      Soil stabilization
      Dust control
      5-15 lbs./acre 6-9 months
      Anionic linear polyacrylamide
      Soil stabilization
      Dust control
      1-3 gallons/acre 6-9 months
      HydraTack Organic guar gum Tackifier for seed or straw/hay
      Soil stabilization
      Dust control
      30-90 lbs./acre 2-3 Months
      Hydra Sorb Cross-linked polyacrylamide
      Water absorption, reduces watering
      Retains fertilizers/bio stimulants to reduce runoff Prevents leaching of water/chemicals Clings to root systems to feed/water roots
      5-10 lbs./acre 3-5 years
      HydraFibers ¾" synthetic fibers Hydroseeding slurries create interlocking matrix to increase mechanical bond of hydraulic mulches 10-15 lbs./acre NA
      QuickStand Plus Copolymer, humectants, surfactants, other proprietary additives Seed germination enhancer Reduces germination time by 60% 2.5-5 gallons/acre NA
      Hydro-Ultra Plus Mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, cytokines, auxins, wetting agents, humectants, bio stimulant/micronutrients, beneficial fungi, concentrated sea kelp extract Provides for faster permanent grass establishment by reducing germination time and developing a stronger root system 2.5-5 gallons/acre NA